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I want to understand your passion and help you tell the stories that will bring it to life. 

I'm your partner. 

Whether you need to identify target markets, take a break from writing your own blog, or have a full communication strategy assessment, what matters most is that you're not on your own. When you work with Hope Communications, you have a partner who's been there and can help you do that.

My name is Jesyca.

I'll admit that I could have been more creative when naming this business. But when your name IS Hope, how do you not make spreading hope your target? (I'm gonna go ahead and let you look at my logo and have an, "OOOOOH, I get it now!" moment.) I use the royal we on this site a lot, but I founded the business, I will be the one responding to your emails, sending your invoices, and will either be doing or coordinating most of the work you order. So let me tell you a bit more about Jesyca Hope, (that's me.)

I have my B.A. from James Madison University in Communications and Musical Theatre. Graduating in 1997 at the age of 17, I'm actually the youngest graduate in the school's history. For the next decade, I had a fantastic media career that I loved. News, Community Promotions, and On-Air talent were all in my title at one time or another. I loved making real connections with the communities I worked in, helping others to work to achieve change. I went on to win the Kansas Association of Broadcasters' Broadcaster of the Year award in 2006. Kansas State University accepted me into their Communications Studies Masters program, where I was an Instructor of Public Speaking. I graduated in 2008.

Because of my diverse background, I am uniquely positioned to help both for-profit and non-profit organizations. I have collaborated with clients who have seen double-digit sales growth, and more engaged and loyal customers thanks to my work. My creative efforts have been rewarded, for example, “Poverty: A-Z”, a traveling art-as-advocacy exhibit that was the first of its kind was a finalist for the 2014 Nancy Bell Evans Ideas in Action award, and I won a Philly Award for Social Media Campaigns from NP Connect. 

I started Hope Communications in 2014 and have been growing it slowly, but surely, ever since, with the most interesting clients and, when necessary, bringing together the best freelance professionals I know. Often, hiring Hope Communications Consulting isn't just a contract with me - but an entire team of creative professionals whose work has brought others success around the globe.

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