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Doesn't take long for Jesyca to size up an organization's needs and then to map some options to research and represent their best aspects and interests. Jesyca is creative, pleasant, and a fantastic project manager. - Mike M., Director of Industry Affairs and Development, Manhattan, KS

She is a beautiful, glorious, creative goddess. - Annie G., Author, KC Metro

Jesyca is an amazing communicator. Her ability to instantly convey just the right tone and use just the right words, images and mediums routinely leave me awestruck. She is the consultant I come back to again and again, and her work never disappoints. Ridiculous work ethic, crazy talent, and a huge heart. Best possible combination. - Krysten C., Strategic Account Consultant, Austin, TX

The content on my website is "so me", people think I wrote it myself. - Angela R., Officiant, Baltimore, MD

I have worked with Jesyca and Hope Communications for projects at three different organizations: from supporting social media for an annual gala to designing promotional pieces for an international conference attended by thousands of healthcare professionals to helping me get past hurdles in my external communications strategy - Jesyca has been thoughtful and responsive. After each project, I've felt confident that I have the right tools with a spot-on message and design. - Anna L., Executive Director of a National Foundation, New York, NY 

As a content creator and brand strategist, Jesyca's creativity expands beyond just her understanding of my voice to a strategic vision of a how I can use my voice to connect products and results in marketing plans and writing. She brings passion and empathy to every project. I can count on her to represent my vision. - Julie J., Change Strategist, Consultant, Speaker, Arlington, VA