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Do you need a logo? A flyer? Content for your blog or Instagram feed? A new layout for your annual report? Postcards for a direct mail campaign? Business cards? Our work gets the, "OMG This is FABULOUS!" reaction you've been looking for. 

Your story is unique,  why should your "brand" be like everyone else's?  HCC doesn't build you a brand; we simply bring forward the one you already have in a way that will resonate.

Moving that brand forward with a successful outreach strategy is multi-faceted. We must combine elements of conventional marketing, social media, live networking, sales prospecting, content marketing, and strategically crafted messages that support your momentum. We've helped everyone from nonprofit organizations to executive coaches develop plans to generate a flow of new engagements. We can help you, too!

As we say on the home page, "We can write that for you." But so many wordsmiths, or "ghost writers", struggle with not being really - pardon the term - "ghosty."  They sound like themselves.  At HCC, we're all about your voice, and that includes our writing services. 


We get to know how you, your partners, or your clients "sound" and communicate. When we create content - - Websites, Blogs, Press Releases, Ad Copy, Cover Letters, Grant Applications, Speeches or Scripts - - it will always sounds like the best version of that.

While communication is a biological imperative for everyone, effective communication skills do not come naturally. You can have the "Jesyca Experience" in person when I bring a workshop or training to your next conference, summit, or professional development event. They come with really intriguing titles too, like: 

  • Hardware, Popsicles, Donuts, and Leaves: Assertive Communications & Conflict Resolution

  • Authentic Communication: Eliminate filler, crutches, and generic messaging from your personal and professional brand

  • Culture over Compensation:
    On-boarding & Team-building concepts for a disconnected staff

  • Hippies to Hipsters: Communicating Across the Generations

  • Paper Clips Work, Naked People Don't: Quick Public Speaking Prep

  • Social Media for Those who Still Call "#" a Pound Sign

  • Silos, Silence, and Sanctuary: Communication leadership post pandemic

  • AND MORE...


If you have a company to run and social media isn't your strength, why not outsource it to us?  We can generate content, manage your pages, and turn them into lead generation sources so that you can focus on what you do best.

  • What else can I help you with?
    I have told SO MANY of my clients that they don't need to do "ALL THE THINGS." I am breaking my own rule right now because the value of being an almost entirely one woman shop is that I have the freedom and the experience to say yes to a variety of things to meet your needs. If your needs don't fit one of the five categories above, let's have a conversation. Resumes, LinkedIn Profiles, Press Releases, even Event planning? Bridal Shows. Conferences. Food Truck Competitions. Karaoke Contests. Vendor Halls. All are expressions and extensions of your brand, but also require a keen eye for participant experience and a firm grasp on budgeting. A successful event starts with an established brand, a clear audience, and a strategic outreach strategy. If you're feeling overwhelmed by all the moving pieces of your event that had never previously occurred to you, we can help with a custom strategy package. I'd would also love the opportunity to put together a package that includes: • Crisis and Media Training • Grant Research and Writing • Corporate and Construction Bid Proposals • Deposition Interviews • Strategic Planning Mediation • Meeting Facilitation • AND MORE...
  • What are my costs?
    That depends. I know you hate that answer, but as there is no standard brand, no standard voice, no standard project, it's very difficult to have standard prices. Every client will get a custom, yet competitive, bid. HOWEVER, I can provide some averages and insights to help manage expectations: Our hourly creation rate is $100. I hate using it, and prefer to bid flat rates for entire projects. Non Profit organizations receive a 10% discount on any package. Averaged out, website work that includes logo, layout, and content for 8 pages is about $4,000. I do have an Audit for $1,000 - new headlines, fresher layout, keyword suggestions, social outreach concepts. It's a DIY guidebook and a refresh for any brand. Blog posts start at $125 for 800 words. Presentations and workshops start at $1,000 per session. Installment plans can be arranged. All bids include things like: Creative thinking and brainstorming, Research, Proofreading, Both Project and Business Admin, Revisions (usually two rounds) and Explanations, and Me being awesome.
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